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Web based applications

Web based applications can be put to many company uses. Think of book keeping, pr-materials, calculating modules, project administration and resource management ranging from a simple planning system to full fledged ERP, and much more.
A perfect fit with growth potential
At we have already developed many web based applications. And still we are supplying new custom made solutions. How do we do that? By using our knowledge, know-how and experience, by continuously looking for new possibilities and by choosing the exact combination of solutions to match your needs. No more, no less. If you want to expand the system will grow with you. Fast and simple.
Certainty sees to it that your application always works everywhere. We test our applications thoroughly on all platforms and browsers. And of course we follow new technical developments closely. If an application needs maintenance or an upgrade we will take care of that without you having to worry. We don't even have to visit you on site, because the application is online on the internet.
Numerous possibilities
Our web based applications distinguish themselves not only by their multitude of uses and their expandability, but also by being safe and user friendly. They can be accessed only by the use of safe login information and there is room for all sorts of users, all with their own roles and access rights. Those users can all choose their own skin. Furthermore we can style your application in coherence with you own corporate image. And all our applications are inherently multilingual.